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Last Call

I do love writing and getting to share our life and all our experiences with all of you. We made the decision to move to a self-hosted blog but hate the idea of losing all of you! Head over and all the info we are sharing with you.


You are the ones who encouraged me to continue by following me. So follow over to the new one!! Hope to talk soon!

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Changing Things Up

Hey guys! I’m moving!

To a self hosted site, where I’m sharing how we got out of debt, became a SAHM, and our journey to Financial Independence! Come check us out and sign up for new posts via email!

An Intentional Lifestyle

Can’t wait to share our story with you!

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Paying Off Our House

Have you ever had a big goal? I’m talking big? Years long? 

We’ve gone through a debt payoff, Dave Ramsey style. That was awesome. Paying that last payment was the best feeling ever. 

After the payoff, we saved up a down payment for our house. After we got our house, we were totally lost. 

That sounds weird, right? 

How can you be debt free (house not included), and feel lost? Plus, have a house you love? A smart, fixer upper, in a great neighborhood. 

Basically, we had no goals. We bought our house in 2014…it’s 2017. And we are just now letting go of our stupidity and setting a big goal. 

Paying off our house in 4 years. 


Yep. I know that sounds crazy. But that’s the goal. I will be tracking the paydown, plus all the ways we cut down on spending to get to the goal. 

Frugality for the win!! 

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Hard Day

I know and have peace about our family of 5 growing no more. 

But then I hear that someone I know is pregnant… And my stomach hurts and so does my heart. 

It’s not a fair reaction really. I’m super excited for them, of course. But also, I’m hit with the knowledge that I won’t have that again. 

No announcement.

No first heartbeat. 

No belly. 

No kicks. 

No cravings. 

No labor. 

No first cry. 

No more babies. 

It hurts. But I know this is the path God has set us on. 

Most days I can handle it. Most days, I am so happy and sometimes overwhelmed with my babies, that I don’t care. 

Today is just a hard day. 

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Out-running The Crazy

Where has time gone? I started this blog years ago. I’ve tried other blogs, never sticking to them. Honestly can’t promise this one will stick. But in these last years, I’ve gotten married, graduated college, had 3 kids, begun our homeschool journey, and now that we’re officially done having kids (unless God says otherwise), I’ve had to reset my mind. 

My dream was always to have 4-6 kids. But God’s plan is always better than ours. So now, here I am. I have 3 awesome kids, 5, 3, and 2 years old. My hubs feels he has reached his max on kids and I’m oddly at peace about it. God was working in this for at least a year, getting me ready I think. So now, I’m starting a ministry to help love on foster kids. A way to love on kids, without having more kids. Isn’t God awesome? 

On another note. I’ve always had huge goals to run. And by run, I mean run… Like a marathon. 

I know, crazy right? 

So I started training. Yep. Now, I have 3 littles. So how does that look in my life? 

It looks like 5am. 

😶 Yep. 5 am! 

I get up at 5, run, then get back to shower and do my quiet time. Then I make my hubs lunch and get him off to work by 7. 

I love it. I so love it. Running makes me less crazy. Just ask the hubs 😂😂

So, I have done a 5k and 10k in the past two months. My half-marathon is picked and will be paid for this month. It’s in October, so I have almost 4 months. Easy, right? 

Well, seeing as I live in the South, and it’s July, easy may not be the right word. 

After running this morning, and feeling like j was struggling big time, I decided that I wanted to write down somewhere how my runs feel. And isn’t that the point in a blog? 

So that catches me back up to here, today. 

Living my awesome life, being a wife, mom, homeschooling mom, and now, taking my me time in the form of training for a crazy long race.

So, if you like rambling, crazy-filled posts, I invite you to stick around. Or if you need encouragement, let me know. I would love to have others join me on the crazy path to my half and full marathon.
Living & loving my crazy life-


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Rank Your Life

Thanks to my awesome husband, I’ve read many non-fiction books by some great people. Since I prefer fiction, I definitely have to attribute that to him. Multiple writers have taught that you can only be good at a few things at a time. As in, you can only put your focus on, and do your best at, 3-5 things at once. Different authors say 3 or 5.

When I read this, I was in the middle of trying to build a business from home, homeschool, had just had a baby plus our 2 and 4 year old and the day to day house related tasks, my marriage, and my walk with Christ. Count that up and you get a big 5. Yep, that doesn’t seem too bad, right? I didn’t think so at the time, but as I continued to read on this, I took a long look at my life. Was I doing anything well? I honestly felt stressed out and if I got ahead on one thing, the house was behind and the kids were missing me. And vice versa. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to sit down and rank these things. How important did I want to make all of it?

Here was my list:

#1 God, my relationship. I wanted to grow and be used by God.

#2 J- my marriage was incredibly important. I wanted to keep that relationship as the second most important one in my life, and grow closer to him and work constantly on it.

#3 My kids- these little crazies are our life. We work hard to live a faith filled life, to teach them to serve and give and love on others. We are very involved, and are also outnumbered by the little wildlings. So we have to be on point with them!

#4 Our home. God blessed us with a great house. We prayed in the first few months, that God would use the house to love on others. To be a place that people feel welcome and that they can be themselves and grow in Christ. That he would use us in the lives of others in this place we’ve made into a home. So I want to take care of it.

#5 A business. Here’s the kicker. I love to work. LOVE to work. I know that sounds crazy, especially on top of our crazy kids and all that. But seriously, I love it. So I wanted to grow the business. It was important to me to have this business that I could call MINE.

There’s my list. I sat looking at it for a long time. #5, that business, seemed so important. But here’s the thing….God gave J a great job. One with a great company, who takes incredible care of him. And that great job brought in a great paycheck, that more than took care of our family.

So here I am, stressing out our family, feeling like a failure because someone and something is always left unfinished, when God was very obviously taking care of us.

What did I do in that moment? I made a tough decision. I decided it wasn’t worth it. God did not call me to that business. Not right now. Yes, I enjoyed it. But my pride, PRIDE in what I built, what I had done, kept me doing a business for myself that was causing trouble for my family.

So I took a step back. I honestly thought it would be harder than it was. But I got to catch up on everything and be with my husband and kids in a way that I hadn’t for over 18 months. I got to start running again and get back into my art. It was quickly obvious that I was on the right track.

Then God brought J a promotion, very unexpectedly. Into a job he was excited about, that offered a change of pace. It was a pretty big smack in the face reminder that God has it all under control, if I would suck it up and be patient.

But now what? Yes, our family was so much happier. We got caught up, were eating better, saving money because I was able to put a bigger focus on it. But despite it all, I sometimes get hit with the question….

What about me?

I feel lost amidst being a wife and mom. So I decided to start a journey of finding contentment and me….

Whatever that means.

I’m going to delve into the Bible, find what God says to me about it. Read books from other christian women who have gone through the same. Look for wisdom in all the places I can. God has it there for me and I am aiming to learn His words of wisdom and I hope to share it all with you.

Let’s start the journey!!

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The dishwasher is running. The dryer is on.

The kids are all quiet, a rare occasion in our home.

K-love is on and I just sat down to do my quiet time. This time of year, I find it so easy to get caught up in the craziness of presents and parties, dinners and budgets. But, in this quiet moment, I’m struck with how many blessings we have…I have. I have my babies, all so special and different, so full of life and spirit and love. I have an incredible husband, who is so much more than I could have imagined. We have friends, we have family. We have a beautiful home, and most of all we have Christ.

In a fellow homeschooling mom’s blog, she was talking about reasons they didn’t have many friends right now. We’re living in the trenches of child-rearing. Our life is about diapers, sleepless nights, fevers and fights. But it’s also about hugs and kisses, hearing about dreams and teaching our kids things that only we can teach them.

But one of the reasons she said they didn’t have many friends really struck a cord with me. What was the reason?

Because her life was full. Full of all that she could handle, full of all she needed right now. And I realized that’s exactly how I feel. Full.

I think it’s natural to be in a reflective mood at this time of year. I’ve really been hit with how much God has done for us. The last year has grown us, changed us. Our lives are more now.  Full of laughter, full of conversation…. full.

I was really floored. The idea of being okay with only a couple of friends, who understand what it means when I don’t text back for two days. Or who understand that leaving our house is most days too much work, so we don’t. The idea of not feeling that I need to add anything to our life right now. It is almost more than I can comprehend.

I feel like I’m supposed to do this or that, but in all honesty,

“this is the moment for which I have been created” Esther 4:14. 

God made me a mom. A homeschooling mom. A wife. A friend. A sister. A daughter. And for now, that’s where I’m supposed to be. No one is called to be or do the same thing.

These are my trenches, my calling, my moment.

And I am full.